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Rolling Stone Premiere’s “Golden Wings”

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 12:22:52 AM



Hear Soul Singer Mike Farris’ Cautionary New Song ‘Golden Wings’
Grammy-winning vocalist will release his new album ‘Silver and Stone’ in September

Mike Farris has released the new song “Golden Wings,” off his upcoming album ‘Silver and Stone.’
If life experience equates to wisdom, then Mike Farris probably has more fatherly advice to impart than most. The Grammy winner does just that on “Golden Wings,” the first single from his upcoming LP Silver and Stone.
With ‘Shine for All the People,’ the former Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies leader exorcises his demons
As the lead singer of Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies during the Nineties, Farris fell victim to the excesses of a rock & roll lifestyle, having been a drug addict and alcoholic since he was a teenager. Eventually, he shifted gears into soul music and committed himself to getting sober. It worked: in 2015, he scooped up the Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album for Shine for All the People.
Farris intends Silver and Stone as a return to his rock roots, yet “Golden Wings” maintains a distinctly soulful flavor, with its loping melody, stained-glass organ, and soaring vocals, including a hearty assist from his backup singers. “Listen now, child, don’t run so wild,” Farris cautions, and it’s a sentiment that not only comes from the heart but also from his own personal hardships.
“The song was written for my son, who is at that pivotal point in life, where he has so many options in front of him, that place of wondering, ‘Where am I supposed to be?'” Farris says. “It’s one of those songs that just flowed out after I did an exercise where you write a letter to your younger self. It has a dual message – something to say to a young person who is looking for answers, but also a reminder to myself to be free and open to the possibilities of life.”

Silver and Stone will be released September 7th and features legendary drummer Gene Chrisman, Reese Wymans (Double Trouble), Doug Lancio (Patti Griffin) and Joe Bonamassa.




“Silver & Stone”

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